Infi-Shield® External Uni-Band

Our new improved and inexpensive product
The new improved Infi-Shield® Uni-band is an inexpensive and permanent method of externally sealing the grade adjustment ring area of a manhole. The one piece molded seal has a reinforced preformed L shaped corner. Accommodating ground movement, Infi-Shield® Uni-band's high quality rubber and non-hardening butyl mastic provide a flexible water-tight seal around the structure. Infi-Shield® Uni-band saves taxpayer's money by not having to treat the extra clear water and by avoiding expensive repair and maintenance costs.
  • Eliminates water and soil infiltration through pipe and structures
  • Eliminates breakdown of adjusting rings on manholes and catch basins
  • Eliminates costly patching
  • Cost effective - short and long term payback
  • Reduces the burden of waste water treatment facilities
  • Seals castings to structure
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adjustable to any height for manhole and catch basin ring sections
  • EPDM safety approved material
  • Product available to fit any size structure or pipe